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Danny Duffy dropped some knowledge on Twitter

Sorry, Garth Brooks fans.

Minnesota Twins v Kansas City Royals Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images

Danny Duffy made his return to Twitter last week, explaining he saw it as an opportunity to do good for the community. True to his word, he has spent much of his time promoting Noah’s Bandage Project, a worthy charity you should totally contribute towards here.

But Duffy was stuck on a flight Sunday night with “the loudest nose breather of all-time” and asked for fans to give him questions to pass the time. And he was quite candid.

He revealed who had been his biggest clubhouse influence.

Who was the clubhouse crazy?

Lerew pitched just nine games with the Royals, so he must have made an influence!

Who is the best at ping pong?

Why he will never go hunting with Ned Yost.

And which song at Kauffman Stadium he’s not exactly a huge fan of.

Sorry Garth Brooks!

You can scroll through his Twitter feed to find more answers like who was his favorite ballplayer growing up (Mike Piazza!) and who was the toughest to face (Derek Jeter!). This kind of accessibility and candor is refreshing in a professional athlete and is a big reason why Royals fans have embraced Danny Duffy so much.

Damn right.