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Royals Review Radio - Episode 21: The Over/Under Betting Episode

Place your bets...


Everything is a gamble. Any time you step out your door you are taking a risk. Some are greater than others, but the dice can come up craps at any roll. Sometimes you have to put it all on the line just for an unequal return. “...this is a cash and carry world. You pay as you go. Sometimes you only have to pay a little, but mostly, it’s a lot. And once in a while, it’s everything you have.”

Co-host: Shaun Newkirk

Co-Host: Josh K. Ward

Gues Emeritus: Max Rieper

Guest: Josh “Old Man” Duggan

Topics include:

PECOTA comparables

Over/Under on PECOTA projections

Flat caps and Jason Isaacs

Jason Hammel signing

Brayan Pena breakout

Ventura’s death and remembrance

Nate Karns trade

Pudding Head Jones

Is Luke Hochevar actually Jason Hammel?