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Royals Rumblings - News for February 20, 2017

Who will ambush opponents from leadoff?

MLB: Kansas City Royals at Detroit Tigers Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Royals Rumblings - News for February 20, 2017

Who will lead off for the Royals this year?

The most likely candidates would appear to be Alex Gordon, Alcides Escobar and Whit Merrifield — if he wins the starting second base job. But Yost remained noncommittal on the subject Saturday morning.

When asked who would be in the conversation for the leadoff spot, Yost responded: “All of them. We’ll keep an open mind.”

Yost proceeded to mention Gordon and Escobar as possibilities.

“Gordy’s done well there before,” Yost said. “We’ll see. I don’t know. We have to look at it. Esky has done OK there before.”

Mike Minor discusses his setbacks last year and his transition to the bullpen.

"There were a lot of good days, but it just didn't work out," Minor said. "I kept getting shut down with shoulder fatigue. ...

"I'd feel great for two or three innings, and then I'd get to four innings and I'd get fatigued. The ball wasn't coming out right and I was feeling sore there. Then afterward, I'd get achy in that area. It was frustrating."

Darin Watson at Baseball Prospectus Kansas City is optimistic Alex Gordon can bounce back this year.

Our own David Lesky covered Gordon’s struggles in the early part of the season just about the time Gordon got hurt last year. To sum it up, Gordon was really struggling to catch up to fastballs, and therefore was not making hard contact on those. Pitchers then took advantage of that to bust him low and inside with breaking pitches, and he was flat-out missing those.

But in early August, something seems to have changed. From August 10 through the end of the year, Gordon hit .254/.330/.467.

As you can see here, Gordon turned it around by being more aggressive on pitches in the inner third of the strike zone. Was this due to his wrist feeling better? Possibly.

Chris Young talks about his disappointing 2016 season.

“I wasn’t pleased with last year,” Young said. “It wasn’t fun for me. I felt like I let the team down in a lot of ways. I’m motivated and I’ve worked hard, and I think the results will show that.”

Esky’s goin’ yard, y’all.

Whit Merrifield and Alex Gordon debate which is the healthier player.

Peter Moylan will make $1 million if he makes the Royals roster.

Lee Judge explains how to tell a real spring training injury from a fake one.

Salvy got a bat from The Walking Dead.

In this video, Rusty Kuntz calls Jorge Soler a “coach’s dream.”

Lorenzo Cain and Salvador Perez are the only Royals on’s list of Top 100 players.

Omar Infante wants to play centerfield in Detroit.

Jorge de la Rosa signs with the Diamondbacks.

Yankees president Randy Levine had harsh words for Dellin Betances after the club won its arbitration hearing.

How to explain this off-season’s market for sluggers.

The Padres are making major investments in Latin America.

Noah Syndergaard and Bryce Harper are feuding.

How can we make the dunk contest fun again?

Who is already a lock for the NCAA tournament?

Will dog walkers become more in demand than teachers?

A new Star Wars novel will reveal the fate of beloved character Jar-Jar Binks.

The assassin of Kim Jong-un’s half-brother claims she thought it was all a prank.

Your song of the day is Apples in Stereo with The Bird You Can’t See.