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Royals Rumblings - News for February 24, 2017

Whit is ready for his close up.

MLB: Kansas City Royals at Detroit Tigers Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Royals Rumblings - News for February 24, 2017

Dayton Moore is preparing for change.

“Of course we project out, but I don’t worry too much about it because the game is so unpredictable,” Moore said.

“If our players that are free agents have terrific seasons, which I’m hoping like heck they do, yeah it’s going to be more challenging to sign them to long-term contracts. That being said, we’ve raised the players from the very beginning. We are going to pull for them always, whether they are here in Kansas City or with somebody else. That’s why it’s so important for us to continue to sign players through the draft and internationally and continue to develop well and keep our farm system strong, so we can continue to graduate players to the major leagues.

“We are always going to be an organization that relies heavily on our scouting and player development and growing our own talent. I think everybody tries to do it the exact same way. They want to grow their own players. Free agency as we all know, is a very flawed way to build your own team. You can certainly enhance your team, complement your team, but it is not a way you want to build your core group.”

Whit Merrifield is ready for the spotlight.

“Previous springs for me have been about getting on the radar with the coaches and the front office,” Merrifield said. “This year, it’s about proving to them I can help this team on an everyday level. I think I’m ready to show them that.”

Evan Davis at FanRag writes that so many options at second base is not a good thing.

What to make of Colon? He was basically the same player as Merrifield, just with 150 fewer plate appearances. They’re even the same age. Given the fact that he doesn’t seem to offer anything more than Merrifield, Ned Yost would probably be wise to stick with Merrifield’s upside.

This is an impossible situation for Yost and Dayton Moore. Second base is quite literally a black hole, and they no longer have the money or the prospects to go out and get an upgrade. They don’t know what they’re going to do at the position, and neither do the projection systems, either.

Kyle Zimmer is ready to finally stay on the field.

Zimmer threw his second bullpen session of camp Tuesday, and reported no pain on Wednesday -- just the normal soreness associated with throwing batting practice.

"It feels good," Zimmer said. "A little sore and a little stiffness, but not a lot.

"It's just normal soreness. Nothing like the sharp debilitating pain from last year."

Kelvin Herrera is ready to be the closer.

"Been talking to Wade a lot," Herrera said. "He said I'll be good. Don't worry."

Any specific advice Davis had to offer?

"Yeah, he just said throw strikes and it will be all good," Herrera said.

Hunter Dozier is getting some time at first base.

Royals minor leaguer Malcom Culver dreams of pitching at Kauffman Stadium.

Royals single-game tickets (not including Opening Day) go on sale today.

Fangraphs projects the Royals for 75 wins.

Leigh Oleszczak of KC Kingdom thinks re-signing Lorenzo Cain makes the most sense.

I talked to Deep Fried Bets about the Royals upcoming season.

Royals Hall of Fame groundskeeper George Toma is still working at age 88, now with the Twins.

Lee Judge is not a fan of the new intentional walk rule.

The Braves sign former Chiefs defensive back Sanders Commings.

David Laurila of Fangraphs talks to General Managers about staying the course.

Jake Peavy is not in camp with any teams so he can deal with some major personal issues.

Mitt Romney is trying to buy a piece of the Yankees.

Four long-time umpires decide to retire.

Technology will allow fans to share their moments on the stadium video board.

The Simpsons episode Homer at the Bat aired 25 years ago, so the Hall of Fame will recognize the star-studded episode.

A grade for every NBA deadline deal.

Inside the ugly breakup between Sports Illustrated, The Cauldron, and Chat Sports.

A food blogger gets busted for cheating at a half-marathon.

Is Alexa’s speech on the Amazon Echo protected by the First Amendment?

Twelve Oscars wins this weekend that could make history.

Your song of the day is Cold War Kids with All This Could Be Yours.