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Weekend Rumblings - News for February 25, 2017


MLB: Spring Training-Arizona Diamondbacks at Kansas City Royals Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Weekend Rumblings - News for February 25, 2017

Ned Yost is ready to get weird in spring training.

Yost also indicated he plans on experimenting more with his lineups during Cactus League games this year.

"You're going to see different guys leading off, like Alex Gordon or Mike Moustakas," Yost said, "and you shouldn't read anything into it. We're just trying to get them more at-bats.

"And we'll see guys in different positions. We'll move guys around to see what kind of versatility we have."

Yost already has suggested Gordon, a Gold Glove Award winner in left field, may see some time in center. Christian Colon, battling for a starting job at second base, could also play some outfield. Hunter Dozier, the club's No. 2 prospect and a third baseman and outfielder by trade, will see some time at first base.

Rustin Dodd adds fuel to the conspiracy theory that Jason Hammel and Luke Hochevar are the same person.

“Every time I see him, I think of Hoch,” Royals manager Ned Yost says. “… He looks just like him.”...

And yes, there is some weird symmetry here. For the first time in 11 years, Hochevar isn’t here in Surprise with the Royals. And now the club has gone out and acquired somebody that could be his stunt double.

In truth, Hammel and Hochevar are not quite twins. But there is an uncanny similarity in their hair, beard, gait and mannerisms. On the latest SportsBeat KC podcast, Joel Goldberg and I break down the differences. So go ahead and listen to that. But we’ll finish this inane intro with this thought: Hammel, a Pearl Jam-loving native of the Seattle area, is essentially Hochevar if he was from the Pacific Northwest.

Danny Duffy has become a big cheerleader for Kansas City.

“Kansas City is an easy place to be, an easy place to fall in love with,” Duffy said. “You sit down at a restaurant, and anybody who is waiting on you is so polite, so in touch. Lot of mom and pop places out there, the people are great anywhere you guy. Everybody’s so helpful. They want to enrich each other’s lives. You don’t find that everywhere. I’ve been to 49 states, and Kansas City and Lompoc, they stick out.”

Christian Colon wants to leave an impression at second base.

"I feel great," Colon said. "I feel a lot stronger. I'm getting lower on ground balls. I feel like I'm swinging better, getting to the ball better. I feel good with my range. I worked a lot on my agility. I feel like I'm moving a lot better."

Bubba Starling says he’s not putting as much pressure on himself anymore.

“The more I try to put on myself, the more I stress and go out and not do what I want to do,” said Starling, an outfielder. “I just want to have some fun out there, be a good teammate with all the guys, go from there. Hopefully good things happen.”

The Royals have some hockey fans in their clubhouse.


Several Royals are listed among the players that could get traded this summer.

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Don Mattingly thinks pace of play can improve with a change in thinking on strikeouts.

Are statheads “pro-ownership”?

Rob Manfred thinks Las Vegas is a viable market for baseball.

Kate Upton says husband Justin Verlander won’ intimate with her....before games.

The female basketball player that reported on KU’s Josh Jackson’s vandalism had her playing time cut.

Ole Miss football is in some big trouble.

What can we do about age discrimination?

Alphabet sues Uber for intellectual property theft.

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