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Who you ranked as the top Royals prospects

Crowdsourcing is so much less work for us!

MLB: Kansas City Royals at Tampa Bay Rays Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Last week we asked you to help us rank Royals prospects. The process was simply. Thanks to a widget from “All Our Ideas”, a preference ballot selecting two Royals prospects at random was presented to you, asking you to choose which was the better prospect. After you voted, you were given another choice. And another. And another, perpetually, until you stopped voting.

Overall, we received 59,767 votes on the 50 players I entered into the system. To little surprise, Matt Strahm topped the list, with an estimated 94% chance it would be selected over any other choice. Hunter Dozier and Josh Staumont both came in with a 90% estimated chance it would be selected over other choices. Surprisingly, Kyle Zimmer came in at #4, although that could be due to his name recognition. That name recognition may have helped other prospects like Ashe Russell (#15) and Bubba Starling (#21) both of whom were first-round picks but who have struggled mightily as prospects.

Here is the complete list of players as you ranked them.

  1. P Matt Strahm
  2. 3B Hunter Dozier
  3. P Josh Staumont
  4. P Kyle Zimmer
  5. 1B Ryan O’Hearn
  6. C Chase Vallot
  7. OF Khalil Lee
  8. P A.J. Puckett
  9. OF Jorge Bonifacio
  10. P Eric Skoglund
  11. P Jake Junis
  12. OF Donnie Dewees
  13. P Miguel Almonte
  14. P Scott Blewett
  15. P Ashe Russell
  16. OF Peter O’Brien
  17. P Nolan Watson
  18. 1B Samir Duenez
  19. OF Seuly Matias
  20. P Foster Griffin
  21. OF Bubba Starling
  22. C Meibrys Viloria
  23. 2B Corey Toups
  24. SS Marten Gasparini
  25. C Cam Gallagher
  26. P Andrew Edwards
  27. P Eric Stout
  28. P Jonathan Dziedzic
  29. OF Elier Hernandez
  30. P Garrett Davila
  31. IF Ramon Torres
  32. P Pedro Fernandez
  33. P Luke Farrell
  34. OF Anderson Miller
  35. OF Alfredo Escalera
  36. P Corey Ray
  37. SS Ricky Aracena
  38. IF Nicky Lopez
  39. SS Jeison Guzman
  40. P Cristian Castillo
  41. P Antony Bender
  42. C Xavier Fernandez
  43. 1B Chris DeVito
  44. 3B Travis Maezes
  45. 2B D.J. Burt
  46. OF Kort Peterson
  47. P Gerson Garabito
  48. P Richard Lovelady
  49. C Sebastian Rivero
  50. 3B Manny Olloque