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Spring Training Game 4: Royals vs. Brewers

Let’s have MOAR dingers!

Texas Rangers v Kansas City Royals Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

We’re already four games into Spring Training! If this year is like previous years, this excitement will bring us to Opening Day, and then we will blink and it’ll be June and we’re going to be looking at trade deadline stuff.

But for now, we’re at game four. Of Spring Training. Lineup me!

Some notes, here. Spring Training is the time to get #funky, and we’re doing that a bit here. Alex Gordon, who has played 7921.2 Major League innings in left field and 25 innings in right field, will be playing right field today. Likewise, Jorge Soler has played three right field innings for every one inning in left field, and he’s in left today.

We’re also getting the first start of Ryan O’Hearn at first base, Cheslor Cuthbert is returning to third base, and Raul Mondesi is leading off. GET CRUNK.

Anyway, Danny Duffy takes the mound for the first time since signing his extension. Commence the Duff.