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Royals Rumblings - News for February 28, 2017

Are you in the best shape of your life?

MLB: Spring Training-Kansas City Royals at Texas Rangers Allan Henry-USA TODAY Sports

The Royals hung dong thrice in a 14 - 3 rout of the Mariners.

Joe Posnanski writes about the tough road ahead for Dayton Moore:

Getting to that parade should have been hardest thing, right?

But here's the thing about sports -- everyone has a plan to get to the top. Few think about what comes after. The Phillies went all in after winning their World Series in 2008. They spent a whole lot of money to keep that team together, they added great player after great player until it all caved in, leaving the Phillies in a gigantic hole with a truckload of bad contracts. They are only now beginning to dig out of it. That's an old story.

And now here are the Royals, still a bit tipsy off the champagne that poured barely 16 months ago, and four of their key players -- Hosmer, Moustakas, Cain and Escobar -- become free agents at the end of the year. There is no way to sign them all, even if the Royals wanted to. There might not be a way to sign any of them.

Jeffrey Flanagan reports that Christian Colón is impressing thus far this spring and that he might be in the best shape of his life:

Colon worked out all winter with Gordon back in Kansas City and lost close to 10 pounds while also strengthening his core muscles and improving his agility.

"I feel lighter and quicker," Colon said.

That already has transition to his game on the field. Colon's hit on Sunday was in the left-center gap but not deep. Still, Colon stretched it into a double when he just beat the throw into second base.

And, Colon slipped a bit coming out of the box, but he still beat the throw to second.

He also reports that Ned Yost may not decide on a starting second baseman at the end of Spring Training:

For the first time since camp opened a couple of weeks ago, Royals manager Ned Yost suggested he may not have a full-time second baseman when the regular season starts.

The second-base job could remain fluid in April.

"We'll just see how it plays out because I have no preset opinion on who is going to be the Opening Day second baseman," Yost said. "The way I kind of see it, unless someone just runs and grabs it, it's probably going to be that whoever is going to be the Opening Day second baseman probably won't be the everyday second baseman."

BP Kansas City’s Clint Scoles profiles a possible under-slot signing for the Royals in the draft:

LHP Brendon Little

6-2 215 lbs

JUCO State JC of Florida

The JUCO left-handed pitcher started his college career at the University of North Carolina where he couldn’t break through their usually deep pitching staff despite his lofty recruiting ranking, pitching just four innings. From the lost year in the ACC, Little went onto the Cape Cod League where he changed his fortunes. In 13 games pitched in the Cape, he impressed from the bullpen, tossing 22 innings with 29 strikeouts and a 1.14 WHIP and earning an All-Star nod.

The lefty is attempting to build on that performance to earn a first round selection while continuing to improve his stuff. Using an exaggerated over the top motion, Little works his fastball in the low 90s with plenty of 3s and 4s and up to a peak of 96 mph. That motion allows him to attack the bottom part of the zone effectively, earning a solid 55 or 60 grade on the pitch despite lacking horizontal movement due to the over the top delivery.

Mike Minor felt good after his two-inning outing Monday.

Peter Gammons spotlights the Royals.

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The song of the day is “Same Drugs” by Chance the Rapper.