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Spring Training Game 18: Angels vs. Royals

Angels in the outfield! And everywhere else, too.

Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim Photo Day Photo by Rob Tringali/Getty Images

In the year of 2017, there was a battle for second base. Many came forward to do battle. In one corner was the wonder youngster, Raul Mondesi. In another corner was the X-Factor, Cheslor Cuthbert. The third corner belonged to one Whit Merrifield, the de facto starter from last year.

In the fourth corner existed one Christian Colon, Hero of Postseasons and Winner of More World Series than his draft compatriot, Chris Sale (the world is not fair). Today is his chance to man the lukewarm not-corner of second base today and impress the Royals brass.

Other things to note: Alex Gordon is in right field, Mike Moustakas is manning the actual hot corner again, and Mondesi is manning shortstop.