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Royals Rumblings - News for March 15, 2017

Is it Raul time?

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MLB: Spring Training-Kansas City Royals at San Francisco Giants Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

Royals Rumblings - News for March 15, 2017

Salvador Perez had his return to camp pushed back, but it sounds like he’s okay.

“It’s 95 percent positive, but until they can get their hands on him (then) before they’ll release that last 5 percent.”

Salvy posted a picture of him arriving at camp on Instagram.

Sam Mellinger thinks Cheslor Cuthbert will get an opportunity, he just has to be patient.

But the real opportunity would, presumably, come in 2018. Eric Hosmer and Mike Moustakas are both scheduled for free agency after this season, and it seems more likely than not that each will be somewhere else — perhaps even more likely than not that both will be somewhere else.

So, there should be plenty of opportunity for him next year.

It’s worth saying, too, that this is how good teams handle solid-but-unspectacular prospects like Cuthbert. He had an opportunity because of Moose’s injury last year, and showed enough to be curious, but a .274/.318/.413 line with some defensive refinement needed is not an air-tight case for 600 plate appearances without more injuries in front of him.

The old Royals would’ve put Cuthbert in commercials this offseason. The new Royals are helping him find more versatility, and making him earn it.

That’s a good thing.

Jonathan Mayo of talks to Royals Assistant GM J.J. Picollo about the pipeline.

"We had so many guys in that Top 100," Picollo recalled. "But some of our best guys weren't in that top 100, guys like Greg Holland, Salvador Perez, Kelvin Herrera. Then there were some guys who were in that top 100 who didn't quite pan out. It's just a constant reminder of the attrition rate, but you always have to have the depth. We're working to build that depth again."

He also talks to Royals prospect Scott Blewett.

Buster Olney writes that the Royals’ second base job is one of the more important spring competitions.

Raul Mondesi Jr. is intriguing to the staff because he is probably the best defender of the candidates, and he possesses game-changing speed. In the minors and majors last year, he stole 33 bases in 35 attempts. The Royals aren’t sure whether the 21-year-old will be able to hit enough to win the job. So far this spring, it’s been all good -- Mondesi is hitting over .400. The Royals might prefer to keep Merrifield in more of a utility role.

Jeffrey Flanagan still thinks Whit Merrifield is the starter at second as he previews the roster.

Sticking with the original projection here, but not nearly as certain. Yes, Merrifield's versatility seemingly assures him a roster spot. But Raul Mondesi has forced his way into the competition with a terrific spring. The Royals are intrigued by Mondesi's athleticism, and he has outplayed his competitors. Here's the problem: For Mondesi to grab the job, Merrifield (who has options) would have to be sent out, or Cheslor Cuthbert or Christian Colon would have to be traded. Cuthbert and Colon are out of options. Can't keep all four. Tough call.

Danny Duffy takes a shot at New York barbecue.

Rusty Kuntz credits a fan petition for getting a bobblehead likeness of him.

Auditions to sing at Kauffman Stadium are coming up. Here was Hokius’ experience when he tried out.

Craig Edwards of Fangraphs looks at which teams are relying on free agents.

David Price will begin the year on the disabled list.

Kevin Kiermaier is reportedly about to sign a six-year contract.

Should the Tigers panic about their center field situation?

How discrimination keeps Haitians out of Major League Baseball.

Astros lead analyst Sig Megdal will suit up as a developmental coach in the minors.

Who is out of options around baseball?

The Rockies line up in a special order for March 14.

The Dodgers interpreter definitely lifts.

Kansas State plays its way into the NCAA round of 64.

The latest episode of Jon Bois’ Pretty Good covers the time Troy beat Devry 253-141.

Why is it so hard to trace an anonymous bomb threat?

A creepy facial recognition app claims to be able to allow people to track strangers down on Facebook by taking their picture.

We may be getting another Matrix movie.

Your song of the day is The Foo Fighters with The Pretender.