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Royals Rumblings - News for March 16, 2017

Hos for America.

World Baseball Classic - Pool F - Game 2 - Venezuela v United States Photo by Denis Poroy/Getty Images

Royals Rumblings - News for March 16, 2017

David Lesky at Baseball Prospectus Kansas City looks at who has improved their stock the most in spring training.

Raul Mondesi

I’m going to start with Mondesi even though I already wrote about him. He might not only be setting himself for the future but for the now. He’s on this list because I think he was the longest of shots among the four competing for the starting second base job, and now the consensus is that he might have the job almost locked up to start the season. We’ll see how he fares after coming back from his collision the other night, but the Royals love him. While I disagree with the idea that he’s ready for the big leagues because of a handful of spring at bats, he is the one guy of all the players battling for a job who could actually be a difference maker.

Joel Sherman tweeted over the weekend that the Royals might be interested in making up for the lost athleticism with the Jarrod Dyson trade, and that makes some sense to me. I’d love to be wrong here, and I think Mondesi is doing everything he can to win over the coaching staff to get him on the big league roster today.

Eric Hosmer had the game-winning home run in Team USA’s 4-2 win over Venezuela.

The Royals like the improvement they are seeing from Jorge Soler.

"I'm just being more aggressive," Soler said. "That's part of my game. I was being too passive early on. Timing is it, too. But be more aggressive."

The second part of Soler's development is defensively. He has been working every day with outfielders coach Rusty Kuntz for over a month on his jump and his routes to the ball.

"We've had a lot of conversations," Soler said. "I feel very comfortable out there. Rusty is doing a great job with me. Just going to continue to listen."

Yost has moved Soler between right field and left field all spring, just to see where he might position best.

"I feel comfortable, very comfortable in right field," Soler said. "In left field, I'm still working on some things. But I'll play wherever they want me, too."

Brayan Pena talks about his decision to be an ambassador for the Army Reserves.

“I always want to do something for this great country and especially these soldiers, the men and women,” Perez said. “It’s all about how much I appreciate and how much I love and respect what this country has done for me and my family. Without them, I wouldn’t be enjoying it.

“Obviously, with my background, coming from Cuba, a country where there is no freedom of speech, you have no liberty at all. The government controls what you can say, what you can read and what you can watch. And then coming here to this great country and seeing how much freedom we have and see that you can reach your goals if you really do the right thing — all that is because of them.”

Mike Moustakas had thoughts on the worst Ned Yost tattoo ever.

“I’m not getting another man’s face on my body,” third baseman Mike Moustakas said. “I have no comment. This is the first and only time I’ll ever say no comment.”

Leigh Oleszczak of KC Kingdom thinks the window is closing soon.

Jen Nevius has a 25th Anniversary Wilmington Blue Rocks team.

Bubba Starling returns to camp after lasik adjustment surgery.

Mark Teahen is now in the wine business.

Dave Cameron at Fangraphs writes that the Kevin Kiermaier extension shows the problems with arbitration.

Does quicker pitching lead to better defense and more strikes?

Jose Fernandez’s death put Giancarlo Stanton on a life-changing journey.

What is going on with Carlos Beltran’s blonde beard?

The Blue Jays are trying to build a new culture.

The gurus behind the search for the perfect swing.

The Oakland Athletics are lowering beer prices.

These re-imagined WBC caps are pretty sweet.

Angels bullpen coach Scott Radinsky doubles as a punk rocker.

Mizzou has hired Cuonzo Martin to coach their basketball team.

Sports championship t-shirts can be developed in mere minutes now.

Why is Silicon Valley so awful to women?

CBS will order a Big Bang Theory spin-off show about young Sheldon.

Your song of the day is XTC with Generals and Majors.