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Royals Review Radio: Previewing the Twins and Tigers

Oh my.

We continue our tour of the Central Division by previewing the Twins and Tigers. We talk to Maija Varda, editor of Twinkie Town on how the Twins can improve on their 103-loss season with their young talent. We also talk to Rob Rogacki, editor at Bless You Boys on whether Brad Ausmus can keep his job and how the Tigers bullpen looks. You can follow Maija on Twitter at @kirbyslefteye and Rob at @BYBRob.

Some of the things we talked about:

Brian Dozier trade rumors to the Dodgers

Will Glen Perkins be ready for Opening Day?

The Tigers centerfield situation is not as dire as you think

Brad Ausmus on speed and defense, “we are who we are.”

Previous episodes are here. Episodes are also available on iTunes.