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Spring Training Game XXIV: Royals at Cubs

How many of these blasted things are there?

San Francisco Giants v Kansas City Royals Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

The Royals are facing the Cubs in a late game, tonight. Unsurprisingly that means one of the starting pitchers will be facing his former team. Of course, the former pitcher being faced today is one that the two teams didn’t directly connect with. Mike Montgomery gets the start for the Cubs as he continues to try to win a spot in their rotation. Mike has eight strike outs in seven innings across four appearances, including three starts. He’s also allowed a 2 WHIP including a pair of homers during that time.

The Royals will send out the man they’re counting on to be their number two starter, Ian Kennedy. Kennedy has a very pretty line so far this spring even though it’s very short. Kennedy has struck out five across five and one-third innings, only allowing three hits and a walk.

The starting lineup will look like this:

Yesterday’s game ended in a tie after Peter O’Brien belted his sixth home run of the spring. Hopefully we’ll have no such abominations, today.

Tie games, I mean. O’Brien home runs are fine.