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Royals Rumblings - News for March 6, 2017

Is Raúl ready?

Texas Rangers v Kansas City Royals Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Royals Rumblings - News for March 6, 2017

Lorenzo Cain is open to staying in Kansas City.

And, of course, this could be a special farewell tour as several players could become free agents after this season, including Cain.

"You can't help but think about that," Cain said. "You try not to, but it's there. You know, if it were up to me, I'd be here long-term."

John Viril at Kings of Kauffman thinks an extension would be a bad idea.

Billy Burns wants to be known for more than taking care of the rally mantis.

“I think it all kind of stems from my legs, just being able to cover some ground in the outfield, run the bases hard, score runs and help the team win anyway I can,” he said.

It’s why Burns focused in the offseason on strengthening his legs. He also has made it a point to talk with coach Rusty Kuntz, who works with base runners and outfielders.

“He’s a wealth of knowledge and I’ve just been picking his brain all the time,” Burns said. “Sometimes, I just go over there and whatever situation is going on, maybe there’s a runner on first, and I’ll ask, ‘Hey, what do you think he’s trying to do over here?’ That kind of thing.

“We just have conversations all the time about base running, outfield, everything. He’s been awesome.”

Raúl Mondesí is making an impression in camp.

"This year he's a different guy," manager Ned Yost said. "[General manager] Dayton [Moore] and I were talking about it today. He's more confident, he's more relaxed. It's like he's just a different guy this spring."...

"The decision will come down [to] what is best for his development," Yost said. "If he's at a point where he can contribute ... Defensively, his range is unbelievable. The coverage is unbelievable in terms of how far he can go side to side, and getting pop flies.

"We'll just let it all play out. There's a lot of time left."

Jason Hammel talks about working with Salvador Perez for the first time.

"For a big guy, he moves really well behind the plate," Hammel said. "He's got strong hands and makes pitches look better than they really are. Obviously, he's outstanding behind the dish."

Mike Moustakas will make his first start at third base on Tuesday.

Kelvin Herrera will make his spring debut today.

Seth Maness talks about his experimental procedure that allowed him to avoid Tommy John surgery.

A contract snag almost kept Ryan Lefebvre from being on Fox Sports Kansas City this year.

The Effectively Wild Podcast from Fangraphs discusses the Royals.

Statcast could change how we calculate WAR.

Could the Indians go to a six-man rotation?

Ten legit spring training overreactions.

What to look for in the World Baseball Classic.

Does the WBC impact Major League performance?

A manager in Mexico was held captive for 36 hours by a creepy voice on the phone.

Mizzou basketball coach Kim Anderson steps down.

Sporting Kansas City opens their season with a scoreless draw against DC.

Why is transit ridership declining?

The rise and fall of food writing.

The futurism in Disney Channel movies holds up pretty well.

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