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Royals Review Radio: Previewing the White Sox and Indians

We tour the Central Division

In this week’s episode of Royals Review Radio, we begin our previews of the American League Central Division, beginning with the Chicago White Sox and Cleveland Indians. First, we talk to Josh Nelson, editor of South Side Sox, on the rebuilding movement taking place in Chicago and a few conspiracy theories behind why Chris Sale was traded. Next, we talk to Matt Lyons, editor of Lets Go Tribe, on how the Indians can defend their league title, and whether Trevor Bauer will be chatting with fans on Twitter this season.

Here are some of the things we talked about.

Chris Sale gets suspended for cutting up jerseys.

Adam LaRoche walks away from the White Sox.

Trevor Bauer hurt his finger playing with his drone.

Bauer got in a beef with fans over politics on Twitter.

Previous episodes are here. Episodes are also available on iTunes.