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Spring Training Game 12: Royals vs. Reds

E tu, Finnegan?

MLB: Cincinnati Reds-Media Day
Brandon Finnegan, former Royal
Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

It’s the Kansas City Royals at the Cincinnati Reds today. A reminder, for those of you with goldfish memories: the Royals made a pretty sizable trade in 2015 to nab Johnny Cueto for their World Series run (SPOILER: Kansas City won the World Series that year). The Reds utilized all three of the former Royals from that trade, those being Brandon Finnegan, Cody Reed, and John Lamb.

Speaking of Lamb, who signed a minor league deal with the Los Angeles Angels after being released by the Reds: LOOK AT HIS GLORIOUS MANE. LOOK AT IT.

If Jesus were blonde and a baseball player

Anyway, I digress. You want to see the lineup. That’s why you’re here. And to make inane comments on a baseball thread. Alright. I can do that. Here you go.

Of note: Raul Mondesi at shortstop, Alex Gordon in right field, and Hunter Dozier at first base.

Let’s get crunk. Spring crunk.