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Royals Rumblings - News for April 12, 2017

Is Raul ready?

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Oakland Athletics v Kansas City Royals Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images

Royals Rumblings - News for April 12, 2017

Sam Mellinger questions having Raúl Mondesí on the roster.

Look, I haven’t agreed with the strategy at second base from the jump. Raul Mondesi is a terrific talent, and even while overwhelmed at the plate has found ways to make an impact. They needed up losing the game, but he turned a double play that no other second baseman in the organization could’ve made at Houston on Sunday, and a sac bunt that scored a run.

But keeping him on the big-league roster right now has always felt like the wrong move both in the short and long term. There are at bats in Class AAA Omaha, where he could build some confidence, and pitch recognition. In the meantime, the Royals have three other options who can all help to varying degrees.

If Christian Colon isn’t playing second base, I’m not sure what value he has on the roster. Whit Merrifield can, at the very least, not hurt you defensively and offer flexibility with other spots. Cheslor Cuthbert, at least in theory, can help you offensively.

Mondesi makes the defense better. I don’t know who could argue that. But that’s less important at the moment with Paulo Orlando in right field than it will be when Jorge Soler is off the disabled list.

So, yeah. This organization has earned trust, obviously. Mondesi had a good spring. Maybe challenging him like this proves to be the right move.

Craig Brown at Baseball Prospectus Kansas City doesn’t think Mondesí should be on the roster.

Perhaps it’s time to ponder the long-term consequences of pushing Mondesi. We’ve heard about his developing power potential, but too often we see a hitter who tries to steal a base hit with a bunt. The temptation to square means his exit velocity is probably a little artificially surpassed. Still, an 80 mph average exit velocity when the league as a whole is posting an 88 mph exit velo is underwhelming. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that his line drive rate is a subpar 11 percent. He can’t consistently catch up to the heat and he can’t recognize the offspeed. He’s lost at the plate and rarely shows a positive sign that he’s figuring things out or developing an approach that works.

At this point, it’s foolish to surrender on the potential, but the Royals need to do what’s right for both their player and the organization in the long term. They certainly aren’t doing anyone any favors in the short term with Mondesi on the big league roster.

Ned Yost isn’t worried about Brandon Moss’s slow start.

"It'll come for him," manager Ned Yost said. "I'm not worried. Adjusting back to the American League, adjusting to a new team, it takes time. He's a veteran. He'll be fine."

Pitching coach Dave Eiland says it is a mechanical issue for Matt Strahm.

“He’s not far off,” Eiland said. “He’s just got to get back to the mind-set of trusting his stuff, believing in it and just stay back over the rubber a little bit longer. That’s an easy correction.”

Lee Judge explains how 3 p.m. games can be tough on hitters.

How Salvador Pérez thought to invite Yordano Ventura’s mother to the home opener.

“Something come to my mind,” Perez remembered telling Moore. “I want to make this moment for her, the first day in Kansas City.”

Mayor Sly James caught a foul ball at the home opener.

The first hot dog race of the year was a bit rough.

Hal McRae’s son Cullen has an unusual career making pornography.

Neil Weinberg at Fangraphs notes Sean Manaea is off to a rough start, but there are signs of hope for the former Royals pitcher.

Buster Olney thinks baseball needs to re-write the foreign substance rule.

USA Today ranks the top 100 most powerful people in baseball.

Baseball America lists the top ballparks in the minor leagues.

The Mariners sold out of toasted grasshoppers.

A cat got stuck in the Marlins home run machine.

When baseball players were vaudeville stars.

Former big league pitcher Ryan Tucker is in the marijuana business.

Tony Romo joined the Dallas Mavericks.

The president of the University of Maryland thinks North Carolina could get the “death penalty” from the NCAA over its academic fraud.

Why do airlines get away with such poor customer service?

RIP David Letterman’s mom, Dorothy.

Your song of the day is the Honey Dogs with Rumor Has It.