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Royals Review Radio - Episode 24: Home Opener Edition


No witty, esoteric, or misanthropic intro from me this episode. Instead, you get Max and I speaking to each other as if anything in this world actually matters. There’s a universe where all humans just go on, and on, and on, and on, living forever, making each other’s lives a continual hell as we walk the Earth with anguishing purposelessness. Or maybe instead we are all frozen in a temperature-less limbo as just a sea of faces unable to turn and look at each other. Or maybe instead we all live for a predestined time, with our sole purpose of being to help each other and make other people’s lives easier, and better than our own. I’ll leave that choice of planes of existence up to you.

Co-host: Shaun Newkirk

Guest Emeritus: Max Rieper

Topics include:

A woeful opening week

Mike Trout as a real life version of Zeus

A potentially woeful bullpen

Diving into the 2017 prediction thread

An over/under date for a Raul Mondesi demotion

Danny Duffy: still looks good

Royals Destination

Max and Shaun tour the Best West Coast

Mission Impossible VI: 30 Ballparks in 30 Days

Home opener

...Shaun reveals a deep, dark secret about his past life