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Royals Rumblings - News for April 14, 2017

More wins, please.

MLB: Oakland Athletics at Kansas City Royals Peter G. Aiken-USA TODAY Sports

Royals Rumblings - News for April 14, 2017

Jason Vargas was pretty pleased with his performance last night.

“It’s very satisfying as far as begin able to bounce back from the year of recovery and then to take what we were able to get at the end of last year into this season and to pick up where we left off,” Vargas said. “Definitely very fortunate that things have gone the way they have.”

Dayton Moore will evaluate things at the 40-game mark.

"You get a better understanding of where you are then," Yost said. "Pretty much [40 games in]. I don't know if you ever don't get concerned. But you're not concerned in terms of having a good team or not a good team. We know we got a good team."

Rustin Dodd addresses the Royals clubhouse morale in his mailbag.

The Royals have been through this before. This group has won together, lost together, grieved together, so there is not much that will rattle them. In general, the clubhouse has had a slightly more professional vibe this year. Players are older. There are more and more kids around. Jarrod Dyson’s voice — a constant presence on most days — is gone now.

It’s going to take a lot more than eight games to spur any level of noticeable panic. But I thought Eric Hosmer offered some interesting thoughts last night.

“We’ve just got to come out with some energy,” Hosmer said. “Not that we’re not, but it just seems like we’re flat right now. Nothing can really get going offensively, defensively, pitching-wise. So we’ve just got to get better, plain and simple.”

Craig Brown at Baseball Prospectus Kansas City sees some good signs with Raul Mondesi, but is still skeptical.

Still, he showed bunt in one plate appearance, although who knows how serious the attempt was as he quickly pulled back the bat and didn’t show it again. This continues to be a source of frustration. If Mondesi is going to learn at the major league level, he needs to swing the stick. I’ve written this again and again (and now again) but he does himself a massive disservice by attempting to bunt for a hit. Yes, he’s good at it. No, that’s not what’s going to help the Royals win, or help Mondesi improve as a player. He can help by developing his power and his hit tool, which his accomplished by swinging the bat. Tonight was one game, not a trend. There was plenty of discussion postgame that maybe this was the breakout game for young Mondesi. That seems doubtful. Given the depth of his struggles, he’s not going to flip a switch and solve everything. But it’s still possible to see a faint glimmer of the promise that had him rated so highly among prospects.

Nick Cafardo of the Boston Globe is already speculating who may be interested in trading for Royals players.

Would the Blue Jays have interest in Hosmer if their Justin Smoak/Steve Pearce first base platoon doesn’t pan out? Would the Pirates consider Hosmer if Josh Bell struggles? The Red Sox, Rockies, and Mets are all possible suitors if their first base situations become problematic.

Moustakas, a veteran third baseman, could be in play for the Mets, Giants, and Angels. Cain could be an interesting outfield piece for the Giants, Dodgers, Tigers, Rangers, and Mets.

Forbes magazine previews the Royals.

Jorge Soler could begin his rehab assignment next week.

Lee Judge explains why the Royals aren’t hitting with runners in scoring position.

This is the summer for Bubba Starling to live up to his name.

Moose shows off the new shirts to help the Ace 30 Foundation.

The Royals will discontinue the stadium game “Player or Primate?” after complaints from fans.

Budweiser is hard to find at the K.

Danny Duffy stops by a collectible store in Topeka.

The Negro League Museum announces its 2017 “Hall of Game” class with Dave Stewart, Al Oliver, Tony Perez, Maury Wills, and Lee Smith.

Jeff Passan thinks a pitch clock is coming soon.

Jon Bois explores what would happen if Barry Bonds never had a bat.

Commissioner Rob Manfred presses the Indians to phase out their logo.

Is Chris Devenski a trend-setter?

The pace of play problem began in 1884, writes Joe Sheehan.

Jack White wrote a song for his baseball bat company.

Hall of Famer Lou Brock has bone cancer.

Eli Manning may be involved in a memorabilia scam.

West Virginia’s governor wants Marshall’s football coach fired so his friend can get the job.

Why is Nintendo discontinuing its wildly popular NES Classic Edition?

This comic book reboot of The Flintstones feels a bit too real.

A New York couple win their Taco Bell dream wedding.

Your song of the day is The Replacements with I’ll Be You.