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Pitch Talks returns to Kansas City with a star lineup of speakers

And you can win some free tickets!

Pitch Talk events have become must-attend events around North America for diehard baseball fans who want to talk baseball with insiders and experts of the game. Now Pitch Talks returns to Kansas City on Thursday, April 27 at 7 p.m. at the Record Bar at 15th and Grand. This year’s lineup features some true baseball experts, including:

  • Kansas City Star beat writer Rustin Dodd
  • Yahoo Sports writer and author of The Arm, Jeff Passan
  • 610 Sports Radio host of The Drive, Carrington Harrison
  • Negro League Baseball Museum director Bob Kendrick
  • KCTV5 sports director Michael Coleman
  • Baseball Prospectus and Fangraphs writer Dave Brown
  • Baseball Prospectus Kansas City editor Craig Brown
  • Fangraphs and Hardball Times writer Jeff Zimmerman

Basically, its a chance for fans to drink beer and talk baseball with some of their favorite media personalities.

Tickets are $15 for the event. Use the promo code “royalsreview” and save 50%!

You can read a review of last year’s event, which I was fortunate enough to be invited to as a guest speaker. Last year’s event also piggy-backed with the Negro League Baseball Museum’s “Hall of Game” induction. The video below gives an idea of what other Pitch Talk events have been like. So get our of your mother’s basement and come meet fellow fans!