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Sporcle Friday: Royals minor league affiliates

How well do you know the farm?

The minor leagues have been the lifeblood of the Royals franchise over the years. Royals stars all start somewhere, coming up through the minor leagues in towns in the Rocky Mountains, the South, and even within driving distance of Kansas City here in the Midwest. If you have ever looked at the back of a baseball card for George Brett, Johnny Damon, or Eric Hosmer, you will have a good idea of some of the affiliations the Royals have over the years.

The Royals have had a number of minor league affiliates over the years, spread all over the country. Interestingly the Royals have had affiliates in two pairs of cities with the same name! For this exercise, we’re not counting instructional leagues or winter leagues. Can you name all the cities or regions (no need to give the mascot name) the Royals have affiliated with over the years?