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Friday Night Baseball: Royals at Rangers

Is tonight the night for the offense?

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

The Royals have scored 4 runs since Saturday. That spans 42 innings. What's amazing is that they're still 2-2 in that span, but they'd be 4-0 if they could literally do anything offensively.

Tonight, they'll look to get it going against...Cole Hamels. Yikes.

Here's the lineup. In case you missed it, Jorge Bonifacio and Matt Strahm are up, and Paulo Orlando and Raul Mondesi Jr. are down: Gordon 7, Cain 3, Hosmer 3, Perez DH, Cuthbert 5, Merrifield 4, Escobar 6, Bonifacio 9, Butera 2. Nathan Karns is starting.

Because the Royals are playing a left-handed starter, that means that Mike Moustakas will sit while Eric Hosmer...will move up in the lineup. That's how this works, don't you know?