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White Sox pulverize Royals 10-5

Another day, another loss.

Kansas City Royals v Chicago White Sox Photo by Jon Durr/Getty Images

Until the ninth inning, the Kansas City Royals turned in another putrid offensive performance. Once again, the Chicago White Sox walloped the Kansas City Royals, this time with the score 10-5. Danny Duffy was not on his game today, and gave up six runs in four and two thirds innings.

In order to commemorate the Royals’ effort, I would like to bring to your my second annual Recap Game of Gifs. Enjoy.

First Inning

Salvador Perez singles home Lorenzo Cain for a Royals Baseball Point (what are those).

Second Inning

Danny Duffy gives up a run and the lead, but Alex Gordon nails a runner at the plate.

Third Inning

Mike Moustakas doubles, and Cain walks. With no outs, Eric Hosmer hits into a double play, but Gordon singles to score Cain. In the bottom of the inning, Duffy surrenders the lead again.

Fourth Inning

Duffy gives up a pair of doubles and a single to give the White Sox their first lead of the day.

Nothing is Real

Eat Arby’s

Sixth Inning

Nothing much happens. No more runs for either team.

Seventh Inning

Stock seven-foot white man and Living White Flag Chris Young is brought in as a surrender. He gives up runs.

Eighth Inning

White Socks score more runs. Bad things happen.

Ninth Inning

Moss hits a two-run homer in garbage time, and Moustakas crushes one more garbage time homer for good measure.