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Confess your Royals sins

It is clear we have angered the baseball gods and must absolve ourselves.

People In Rome Bide Time Until Conclave Photo by Mario Tama/Getty Images

The Royals are in some kind of funk. They have lost six in a row and sit in place, with an offense setting records for futility. The Royals have really been smiled upon by the baseball gods in recent years, even to the point where maybe they were getting supernatural assistance. But it is clear the Royals have done something to anger these fickle gods, and something must be done.

What can be done? A Hail Ibanez? The sacrifice of a live chicken? Throwing Christian Colon into a live volcano?

Royals super fan Jimmy Faseler, who you may know from this clip of him dancing, asked Royals fans to absolve themselves.

Some of the responses showed much to confess.

So tell us, what is your Royals sin?