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(Non-)Game Thread: Royals vs Twins Postponed

Game will be made up July 1st

MLB: Chicago White Sox at Kansas City Royals John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

Saturday’s game against the Twins has been postponed.

Since I had already written a bunch of the game thread, you get to read it! Enjoy... or not. Consider it a sacrifice to the baseball gods.

Let's say I haven't been keeping up on the team since my last game thread. The Royals had just gotten to 5-6, 1 game under .500. A little slow but not awful.

Let me go open my internet and see what the team has done since, and...

Aw, man. Seriously? 8 straight losses - longest since last June when the team went from 30-22 to 30-30 in a week.

Longer than 8 straight? You have to go back to April 2012. For those who don't remember, Bruce Chen was the Opening Day starter and the team went 3-2 to begin the season. Then they lost 12 straight and were sitting at 3-14 on April 24th, the season effectively over. Oof. The team would finish 72-90. To add insult to injury, the Twins have 4 wins against the Royals. The Twins had 4 wins (and 15 losses) against the Royals all last season. We need to do something to help the team right this ship.

Do we need our manager to jump in a shower?

How about sacrifice a chicken?

A cardinal?

Maybe we need to make a personnel change. How about bringing in a young priest and an old priest?

That’s too serious. How about something sillier?

One of these has gotta work to get the team going in the right direction.