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Royals tickets third-cheapest on the secondary market

Demand has fallen off a bit.

Detroit Tigers v Kansas City Royals Photo by G. Newman Lowrance/Getty Images

Fans are still excited about Royals baseball, but the demand for tickets is not as strong as it has been in the past, at least not yet, according to secondary market broker TickPick. According to their data, Royals tickets on the secondary market are averaging just $43.48, the third-lowest prices in baseball. That is actually lower than what their spring training tickets were going for in Arizona, although the lower supply of ticket may be a factor there.

Image courtesy of TickPick

Interestingly, the highest-priced, and lowest-priced tickets are in the same market - Chicago. It should be little surprise, considering the two franchises are headed in opposite directions with the Cubs coming off a championship while the White Sox go through a rebuild. Royals ticket prices are near the bottom, surprisingly, with the two Los Angeles teams - the Angels and Dodgers. Being in the second-largest market in baseball has not caused a stampede for tickets.

To no surprise, Opening Day against the Athletics is the hottest ticket, with the average price to get in the stadium running at over $260. The intra-state rivalry games against the Cardinals are the next-highest priced tickets.

Image courtesy of TickPick

Of course, these numbers reflect demand before the season. If the Royals get off to another hot start, you could see these prices go up in the summer months.