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Royals V. White Sox - Game XXIV Thread


Staring and throwing right into your soul.
Staring and throwing right into your soul.
Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

I need to remember how to write one of these things.

The Royals of Kansas City are competing in a swell game of rounders against the Albino Footquilts of Chicago.

Presumably, runs will happen. For who and how and in what cynically obtuse ways? Well, stay tuned to find out for yourself.

Toeing the rubber for Kansas City will be one Jason Vargas, whose performance this season can be summed up as "Oh holy cow this is guy is pitching great oh no oh geez well..." Truth be told, though, things are still pretty great for Vargas. He has a 1.40 ERA to go along with 28 strikeouts and only two walks in 25.2 innings. He gave up three earned runs in five innings his last time out, but still walked zero and struck out five. He has been the most impressive starter for Kansas City this season.

Mounting the hill for the White Sox will be Dylan Covey who, as I am being told now, is not the heir to the Franklin Covey fortune. This means that, despite prior beliefs, there is a very strong chance that he has not read The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, which would bode well for Kansas City.

Covey is a rookie who skipped AAA and only made six starts last season, so his 6.91 ERA, 3.77 K/9, and 5.02 BB/9 is probably not all that surprising. He's on the team because Carlos Rodon and friend of the show Jimmy "It's pronounced Himmy" Shields are both on the 10-Day DL.

The Royals have lost a load of games in a row. But they are nowhere near setting their own club record for consecutive losses yet.

That's heartening, at least. To know that they aren't as bad as one of the worst teams in franchise history.