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Royals Rumblings - News for May 10, 2017

Is Ned Yost getting ready to retire?

MLB: Kansas City Royals at Tampa Bay Rays Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Royals Rumblings - News for May 10, 2017

Craig Brown at Baseball Prospectus Kansas City is on the Esky Magic bandwagon.

There are plenty who saw Escobar’s name at the top of the order, rolled their eyes and thought they were being #Yosted. I would have been part of the mob in the past. For sure. But now? Eh. It doesn’t really matter so much. Sure, he’s a poor choice at the top, but who else are you going to put there? Cain is the Royals best hitter but in the event he reaches, who’s going to bring him home? This is the Swiss cheese offense. So many holes. The Royals have lacked a true leadoff man during their era of success. It seems like it’s finally coming around to haunt them.

Why not bring back some Esky Magic?

The Royals were pecking away last night.

Jason Hammel is the latest Royals pitcher to ditch the windup.

“The fix that I saw was this,” Hammel said, standing in the clubhouse on Tuesday. “I’m a long, tall guy. It’s usually pretty hard to get everything on time for us bigger guys. So anything to simplify the delivery to make it easier.”

For Hammel, the decision came after he posted a 6.65 ERA in his first five starts, issuing 11 walks across 15 2/3 innings. But in saying no to the windup — the traditional pitching position of standing on the rubber, stepping backward and turning your body toward home plate — Hammel is joining a vanguard of pitchers who are choosing a different way; in this case, to work solely from the stretch position.

“There’s no law or rule saying you have to go out of the windup,” said Eiland, the Royals’ long-time pitching coach. “That’s like saying a hitter can’t hit unless he has a stride.”

Sam Mellinger thinks Ned Yost may ride off into the sunset after this year.

We talked about this some on the Border Patrol, but I actually think he’ll retire after this season. I want to be clear that this is just me speculating. He has never said anything publicly — or even privately, that I know about — that this is his last season. This is just me wondering, knowing him a little, and connecting dots that I may be imagining.

But, I will answer your question.

Ninety percent of this depends on what the Royals do between now and whenever Yost retires. We don’t know what the franchise will look like for the next manager, or even when the franchise will be looking for the next manager.

But assuming it’s a rebuild similar to what Yost took over, well, Raul Ibañez is the first name that comes to mind. The front office adores him, he obviously has history with the Royals in good times and bad, and he’s widely respected throughout the game. He would be, based on everything I know and have heard about him, a terrific fit.

Former Royals pitcher John Lamb is suspended 50 games for a drug of abuse.

Matt Harvey begs for forgiveness for not showing up to a game due to partying.

The Braves release Ryan Howard.

More teams are using slow power hitters in the leadoff spot.

Are juiced balls behind the rising home run rates?

Ken Rosenethal expects a more intriguing trade season this summer.

A’s fans want the Raiders to just leave already.

Have the Yankees been the best team in baseball?

Miguel Sano is having an odd breakout year.

What age do baseball players peak?

The Cardinals backtrack after a tweet advertising a ring giveaway is called sexist.

Valparaiso joins the Missouri Valley Conference.

Florida football coach Jim McElwain denies it is him in a viral picture of a man nude with a shark.

A new study finds intellectuals are more likely to lounge around naked at home.

China is building a Disney World for wine.

Fake kosher cheese leads to criminal charges in Canada.

Your song of the day is The Old 97s with If My Heart was a Car.