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Royals Review Radio - Episode 25: The one where the team isn’t doing well

We try to fix the offense.


Twenty five episodes have been completed of this little podcast venture. Will there be more to come? Certainly. Twenty five more? Likely. The question though isn’t will there be more to come, but should there be more to come. Some responders will say that the hosts voices are intolerable. Others will say it is slightly tolerable. No one will say it is completely tolerable. Yet still, Sound Cloud continues to not pay us for these things, rightfully so.

Co-host: Shaun Newkirk

Co-Host: Joshua Ward

Guest Emeritus: Max Rieper

*Note that at one point podcast issues were abound, thus a small portion of “Afrikaan Beat” by legendary artist Bert Kaempfert is played to your obvious pleasure.

Topics include:

Eric Hosmer and a qualifying offer

J.C. Sulbaran

Alex Gordon: still makes us sad

Jeremy Guthrie still pitched

Carlos Beltran, Hall of Famer?

Shaun briefly converses in the background with my spouse

How the Royals could rebuild

Not too early to discuss the trade deadline

People only care about prospects when the team is losing