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Local yokel jumps into Kauffman fountains for home run ball

That is one expensive souvenir.

Seeing a Brandon Moss home run has been a rare sight this season. So when Brandon Moss blasted a Dylan Bundy pitch into the second tier of fountains in the fifth inning of Friday’s game against the Orioles, perhaps one could be blamed for thinking the ball would be a rare souvenir.

Despite the ball being submerged in water, one fan took it upon himself to rescue the souvenir from its watery grave.

This is of course, illegal. Entering the Kauffman Stadium fountains is trespassing, and as Ryan Lefebvre noted, the man will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. So that will be one expensive memento of his experience at the K, which will be cut short after just five innings.

The incident brings back memories of “Fountain Girl”, who was not even looking for a souvenir baseball when she wandered into the fountains for a dip back in 2013 after a night of heavy drinking.

Maybe the two can find each other on a dating website with similar interests such as “public intoxication”, “late night swimming”, and “illegal trespassing”.