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Weekend Rumblings - News for May 13, 2017

Hope you’re all hustlin’.

Baltimore Orioles v Kansas City Royals
Photo by Brian Davidson/Getty Images

Weekend Rumblings - News for May 13, 2017

Ned Yost explains why he bumped Alex Gordon to the ninth spot.

"Not swinging the bat well and not seeing it well," manager Ned Yost said. "He'll come out of it. ... He's gotten off to poor starts before."

Al Alburquerque is glad to be back in the big leagues.

“I feel comfortable right now,” he said. “That’s been the whole difference for me. I’m working with my pitches, working with my changeup.”

David Lesky at Baseball Prospectus Kansas City wonders if Joakim Soria will have trade value.

Setting aside what that deal may look like, I think the Royals might be best served to deal Herrera now and try to get a great deal for him because he offers the acquiring team the rest of this season plus a full year next year. Then they can shift Soria to the closer’s role and get him some saves while he’s pitching so well. In my head originally, my thought was leave him there into next season and let him accumulate more closer value before you deal him at the next trade deadline, but I think you could probably start shopping him as a closer really any time. So if they were to deal Herrera tomorrow hypothetically, trade Soria in July if you can. I just think that’s the best way to get top value for their bullpen pieces who aren’t likely to be a part of the next great Royals team.

Lee Judge is here to tell you about effort.

Jorge Soler hit a fly ball to the deepest part of Tropicana Field and took his time getting out of the box. Hard to tell if Soler took his time because he thought he hit the ball out, or because he knew he didn’t.

Either way, sauntering out of the box is a bad sign.

How a hitter comes out of the box is something coaches look for because it tells you something about the player.

Contrast that effort with Whit Merrifield’s trip around the bases in the eighth inning....

There is no stat for effort level, but it still matters.

A history of Garth Brooks and his connections with the Royals.

A couple gets married in the Kauffman Stadium dugout suite.

Why Mother’s Day is meaningful to Drew Butera.

Orioles outfielder Adam Jones donates $20,000 to the Negro League Baseball Museum.

NLBM President Bob Kendrick tells stories on the Star’s “Beer Hour.”

Marlins Man gets in trouble after his guest shows too much skin at the game.

Jeff Francoeur will be a television analyst for the Braves.

There is a new crop of sluggers atop the home run leaderboard.

Zack Greinke is back.

Does Kevin Kiermaier have the yips?

Let us begrudgingly bow down to Derek Jeter this weekend.

Former Angels All-Star Doug Decinces is found guilty of insider trading.

John Wall forces a Game 7 against the Celtics.

Lance Armstrong denies reports that he has died, but can we really believe anything he says anymore?

British hospitals are hit by a massive cyber-attack.

NASA says no humans will fly on the first flight of its new rocket.

A preview of this year’s summer movies.

Your song of the day is Clifford Brown with Sandu.