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Royals players honor their moms on Mother’s Day

Call your mother, she misses you!

We hope you are spending this Mother’s Day watching some Royals baseball with the woman that made you who you are today - mom! The Royals certainly appreciate the special lady in their lives, giving tribute to their mothers on social media.

The Royals, of course, wore pink again in honor of moms and for Breast Cancer Awareness Day.

Danny Duffy wouldn’t be in the big leagues without his mother - who actually caught him!

"I think Danny was about a sophomore in high school," Deanna recalled, "and one of his fastballs skipped in and hit me, and I thought it broke my tibia.

"I still have a divot in that bone to this day."

That's when Danny shut it down.

"I had to because I was bruising her," Danny said. "But we still played catch and long toss. She's unbelievable."

Others went to social media to express their gratitude.

Happy Mother's Day!

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Feliz Dia das Mães! Minhas Guerreiras ! Amo vocês! ❤️ @fabricia_orlando

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Even Sluggerrr’s mom was at the game today!

Treat your mom right today!