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Game XXXXII Postponed: Doubleheader Tomorrow

Today’s 42 will be the meaning of life, the universe, and nothing

MLB: Kansas City Royals at Minnesota Twins
Rain rain go away come again some other day
Jordan Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

Like so many Royals fans, the baseball gods, saddened by the 9th and 10th innings of last night's game, are still weeping.

Doctor Who, Royals Fan
Doctor Who, Royals Fan

As such, today’s game is postponed and there will be a doubleheader tomorrow.

Pretty cool that it’s part of a straight doubleheader instead of a day-night. I’ve always wanted to go to a straight doubleheader but the instances are pretty rare now. If you can endure 6+ hours at the Trop, there’s one on June 10th. It’s the first one in 5 years.

Also, I’d like to bring up a complaint to the weather department. The Royals have only had 2 rain outs this year and both have been on my watch. Could someone get Jim Cantore or Cobra Commander and his Weather Dominator on this?