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Sports Crate is about as disappointing as the Royals season


Subscription services are all the rage right now, and sports fans can get in on the action with Sports Crate. For $39.99 a month, you can get a box of gifts related to your favorite team (limited to just ten teams right now, including the Royals). Each month you will get 5-7 team-specific items, and also get the chance to possibly win VIP experiences throughout the year. You can cancel at any time, although there is a discount for signing up for the entire year.

I decided to give the subscription service a try, and found the first offering to be, well, underwhelming. Take a look.

Yea, the video image is reversed for some reason, but Duffy is left-handed. But is that Duffy? Looks more like Wade Davis.

Here are some pictures.

The t-shirt is...ugly. Like, what is going on there? There is no name or number on the back, just the corporate logo for SPORTS CRATE. The fanny pack-type thing has no Royals logo at all. Frankly, it looks like something you get for free for showing up to your corporate retreat.

My expectations weren’t all that high. A decent t-shirt, a small poster, and a bobblehead probably would have satisfied me. But this just seems like leftover stuff from a bad Royals giveaway. The best gift was probably the Danny Duffy figure, but it is much smaller than I expected. I’ll give it another month to see if the swag improves, but that was a pretty underwhelming experience after waiting several weeks.

Did you sign up yet? What did you think of the first box?