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Royals Rumblings - News for May 24, 2017

Could Hosmer stay in Kansas City?

MLB: Kansas City Royals at New York Yankees Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

Royals Rumblings - News for May 24, 2017

In his “Mellinger Minutes”, Sam Mellinger considers the possibility of Eric Hosmer staying.

If Hosmer’s production does not demand a lifetime wealth type of contract, he could decide to do a one-year, prove-it contract, and in that scenario maybe the Royals make sense. He knows the environment, wouldn’t have to adjust, would be comfortable. The Royals would do it for obvious reasons — they love his character, his talent, his example, his everything.

At least in my estimation, this remains unlikely, because the Yankees are going to need a first baseman. Other rich clubs could also join the negotiations, and the Royals are not going to win a negotiation with the Yankees.

You will probably hate hearing this now, but there is a 90 percent chance that if the Cubs had not signed Jason Heyward two winters ago they would’ve signed Gordon, because they liked him, needed the position, and outbidding the Royals would never have been a problem.

If we can eliminate the noise of Gordon’s struggles from this comparison, that scenario could still happen with Hosmer. If a richer club wants him, that richer club is going to outbid the Royals.

Craig Brown at Baseball Prospectus Kansas City notes Royals pitchers are giving up a lot of flyballs, but not a lot of home runs.

These rates are completely unrelated – there’s no correlation to be found between fly ball rate and HR/FB rate – but it’s interesting nevertheless. Give thanks to Kauffman Stadium or something. Who cares if the Royals starters allow so many fly balls if they stay in the park. Keep rolling. Especially with a defense that includes Alex Gordon and Lorenzo Cain. Most of those fly balls will go for outs. This is basically a rotation constructed with the home park in mind. Fly ball pitchers at The K? Let’s roll.

Fly ball pitchers at New Yankee Stadium? Not so much.

Steven Adams at MLB Trade Rumors looks at some potential opt-outs this winter.

Kennedy has logged a solid 3.74 ERA in 233 1/3 innings since signing a five-year deal with Kansas City, but he’s already in his age-32 season. His strikeout rate and control have taken a step back in 2017 as well, and he’s remained homer-prone despite pitching half his games at the spacious Kauffman Stadium. Kennedy turned in a very strong final four months in his last contract season — which helped him land this surprising contract in the first place — but it doesn’t seem likely that he’ll opt out of the remaining three years and $49MM on his current contract.

Al Alburquerque is headed back to Omaha.

Hunter Dozier will begin a rehab assignment with Wilmington.

The Royals sign infielders Jared Schlehuber and Chris Nelson from the independent leagues.

Christian Colon is named the biggest bust of the 2010 MLB draft.

The Twins have improved drastically because of their defense.

Tom Verducci argues the curveball is changing modern pitching.

Jered Weaver took a hometown discount with the Angels, and it didn’t work out for anyone.

The Washington Nationals own the NL East, but they are playing with fire.

Cardinals pitcher Carlos Martinez brings heat and emotion to the mound.

Former outfielder Anthony Gose is throwing 99 mph in the minors now.

Where did all the great baseball movies go?

The NFL changes some rules on overtime and celebrations.

A college football prospect who lied about being recruited may not even exist.

The people ripped off by Bernie Madoff have yet to see a check in restitution, but the firm distributing the fund has been paid $38 million.

How brainwashing shaped America.

What the cast departures for Saturday Night Live mean for its future.

Your song of the day is The Presidents of the United States of America with Naked and Famous.