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Please welcome new writer Patrick Brennan

Moar Kevins.

Chicago White Sox v Baltimore Orioles Photo by Greg Fiume/Getty Images

Please join me in welcoming our newest writer, Patrick Brennan. He is the co-editor of Kings of Kauffman and has written articles for Beyond the Boxscore and filled in as Royals GM in the Minor League Ball mock draft.

Hello Royals Review! My name is Patrick Brennan and I am proud to say that I will now be writing here.

Born and raised in the Kansas City area, I've been a Royals fan my whole life. I've seen it all, from a 56-106 season to a World Series parade.

My love for the Royals has translated to my overall liking of baseball. As passionate as I was about the sport, I wanted to express it. That's when I started to look for places to write.

I started out writing at several SB Nation blogs along with contributing at Kings of Kauffman. Shortly after I started at Kings of Kauffman, I took a role as co-editor, which is a position I've held for the past couple of months

A lot of my writing will circle around sabermetrics. I hold a strong passion for this part of the game. I also love minor league baseball.

I am also involved in baseball in ways other than writing. Due to my zeal for numbers, I currently volunteer in the analytics department for the Sydney Blue Sox, a winter league baseball team in Australia.

You can find me on Twitter @paintingcorner. I am very interactive and I tweet often.

I am so thrilled to jump on board here at Royals Review. I can't wait to get started. Go Royals!

Wow, an actual front office lackey! I wonder if he will teach the Blue Sox they need Esky Magic at the top of their lineup. Welcome to the site, Patrick!