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Royals Rumblings - News for June 23, 2017

Salvy’s got the power.

MLB: Boston Red Sox at Kansas City Royals Jay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY Sports

Royals Rumblings - News for June 23, 2017

Vahe Gregorian writes that power has stoked the Royals’ comeback.

“It does feel good knowing that you’re never out of a game, you can get back in a game with one swing, you can win games a number of ways,” Yost said. “Speed is one way, and we’ve done that in the past.

“And you know we don’t have as much speed as we used to have, but we have at least doubled our power production.”

Sam Mellinger writes these streaky Royals are hard to figure out.

If nothing else, the Royals’ push forward does three things.

First, it makes them more interesting, and that’s no small thing for those of us who spend far too much time thinking about sports.

Second, it slices the possibility that Dayton Moore will trade anyone away. He is an ultraconservative man by nature, reputation, and action. If he believes the Royals have a chance — and, just as importantly, believes the players believe they have a chance — then he will let them chase a miracle.

Third, it increases the possibility that the Royals will take compensation picks for departed free agents this offseason instead of a prospect package next month. That will make the future more difficult, but Moore’s belief and trust in this group has been an essential part of the success.

Danny Duffy is ahead of schedule.

The Royals have taken advantage of Whit Merrifield’s versatility.

“There’s not a position on the infield or the outfield that I would be afraid to play (Whit) at,” Yost said. “We played him at every position at spring training from left, to right, to second and even some third base here in the big leagues.”

Keith Law (INSIDER) looks at which teams just drafted their top prospect.

The Royals didn't have a prospect on my top 100 last winter, and their No. 1 prospect at the time, Matt Strahm, is now in their big-league rotation and has lost his eligibility for these lists.

Their new top prospect without considering Pratto would probably be Miguel Almonte, who has pitched well through eight appearances for Triple-A Omaha, as former top prospect Kyle Zimmer has been hit with arm trouble again and is now pitching in relief with several days of rest between outings.

Chris Gigley at Hardball Times looks at who is succeeding with the changeup this year.

Vargas’ change has a lot of backspin on it, which tends to generate more fly balls. But hitters just can’t seem to get all of it. The left-hander’s HR/9 rate is comfortably under 1.00 nearly halfway through the season.

Only two other pitchers — Marco Estrada and Jeremy Hellickson — have thrown the change-up more often this year, but that doesn’t seem to matter in Vargas’ case. When hitters swing at it — which they do more than half the time — more than 40 percent of those swings come up empty. Only Johnny Cueto, Sale and Danny Salazar have a better swing-and-miss rate on their change-ups.

Leigh Oleszczak of KC Kingdom argues Mike Moustakas deserves to be at the All-Star Game.

What you need to know about the Big Slick Celebrity Softball Game at the K tonight.

Wilmington’s Nicky Lopez and Richard Lovelady stand out at the Carolina League All-Star Game.

Royals’ fourth round pick Michael Gigliotti homered twice in his debut for Burlington.

The Athletics designated two-time All-Star Stephen Vogt for assignment.

The Cubs ship Kyle Schwarber to the minors.

Can Freddie Freeman move to third base?

The Mets are mad at Yasiel Puig for looking at his home run, so maybe don’t give up home runs?

The Twins and Indians will play two games in Puerto Rico next year.

Mitch Williams wins a breach of contract lawsuit against MLB Network.

Baseball has changed a lot over the last 20 years.

Did the Chiefs fire GM John Dorsey over money or was it for botching the salary cap?

The Bulls botched the Jimmy Butler trade.

Inside the resignation of Uber CEO Travis Kalanick.

Ron Howard will take over directing duties for the new Han Solo movie.

Your song of the day is Loretta Lynn featuring Jack White with Portland, Oregon.