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Game LXXIII: Blue Jays at Royals

Royals try to get above .500 for the first time all season

MLB: Toronto Blue Jays at Kansas City Royals Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

I think we’d be remiss if we didn’t look back at the last couple of days.

WARNING: You may need to shield the eyes of small children. This is pretty much Fangraphs porn. Look at those WE curves!

Source: FanGraphs

Source: FanGraphs

If you’re keeping track on the “but there’s no reason this team can’t go on a run where you win 15 of 20” tracker, they've won 10 of 12 and 12 of 16 so that means that winning 3 of the next 4 or 5 of 8 once again makes Dayton Moore a wizard. And, at present:

Be .500
Be .500
All credit goes to BlitzAce71

The Ghost of Christmas Future is here to remind us that there have only been 2 times this season where the Royals have had a chance to be over .500 all season. On Opening Day, the team got blasted 7-1 by the Twinkies in that 7th inning meltdown. And then when they got back to .500 at 7-7, they lost 1-0 in 13 to the Rangers, the first of 9 straight losses. Here’s to hoping for a better outcome today.

Ten game winner(!) Jason Vargas is opposed by Marco Estrada:


Over 500
Over 500
Time 06/24/17 @ 1:15 CT
Opponent Toronto Blue Jays
Location Kauffman Stadium
Radio KCSP
Royals SP Jason Vargas
Opponent SP Marco Estrada

The lineup is below:

Can the Royals escape .500’s gravity today? If so, they will have a seven series undefeated streak (the series against Houston was a tie).