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Game 75 Thread: Royals vs. Tigers Opener

Matt Strahm, Part Tres

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Going into this season, Matt Strahm was rated very highly on lists of the top Royals prospects. This was for good reason: Strahm had just finished his age-23 season by thoroughly dominating Major League hitters in 22 bullpen innings after doing very well as a starter in AA Northwest Arkansas.

Tonight, Strahm is no longer a prospect, technically, but he remains one of the Royals' most exciting young players. He is set to make his third start, and will hope to bounce back from his disastrous second start and emulate his superb first start.

For the first time this year, the Royals will play the Detroit Tigers in Comerica Park in Detroit, where the Tigers are 18-16 despite an overall record of 33-42.

Strahm's last start was against Chris Sale, and his run-in against aces will continue. The Royals will face Justin Verlander tonight who has, against all odds, remained productive despite not quite having what he used to have.

Backing Strahm will be a lineup that you probably could have guessed in your sleep:

Backing Verlander will be the following, including the Royals' first run-in with Ian Kinsler:

And, boom goes the dynamite. Let's kick off the series.