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Royals Rumblings - News for June 29, 2017

Kansas City Royals v Detroit Tigers Photo by Duane Burleson/Getty Images

Per Jeffrey Flanagan, Moore says the Royals could be buyers at the trade deadline:

General manager Dayton Moore, who made the trip to Comerica Park along with some of his scouting department as well as owner David Glass, said being buyers at the Deadline is within consideration if the Royals stay in the postseason hunt.

"Mr. Glass has always been very supportive of what our needs are," Moore told "He's always been very generous with payroll.

"Of course, we'll try to find ways to improve our team without adding significantly to payroll. But it doesn't mean we won't do it. We've done it before. It's just hard to predict right now. Not every team will need the same thing.

"Every team will want starting pitching. Every team will want more bullpen help. But beyond that, no one knows right now."

Rustin Dodd reports that Jorge Soler could finally be the Royals’ solution at DH:

At the moment, Cuthbert is expected to miss five days of baseball activities as he rests his injured wrist. At some point after that, he could embark on a minor-league rehab stint to gain more at-bats. With Cuthbert out of minor-league options, the injury could allow him to play consistently at Omaha for a few weeks, delaying a later roster decision. For now, that means Soler and Moss could share DH duties here in the majors.

On Wednesday, Soler arrived back inside the Royals’ clubhouse. His presence could address a glaring hole. At the least, he’s ready for his second chance in the Royals’ lineup after altering his approach.

“He was a little indecisive here (in May),” said Royals coach Pedro Grifol, who translated for Soler during a pregame interview. “Sometimes he would take good pitches, and then he would expand the zone here. When he went down there, he just focused on swinging at good pitches and he was able to do that.”

Maybe more Royals should focus on swinging at good pitches.

The ump with the dodgy strike zone on Sunday saved a woman’s life yesterday.

Craig Brown looks at the Royals’ speed across the board.

Rob Arthur at 538 asserts that the balls be full of juice.

No, Max Scherzer isn’t better than Clayton Kershaw.

Travis Sawchik opines on the legacies of Anthony Young, MLB’s consecutive-loss record holder.

The Astros are trying to do what no other team has done (since MLB expanded to 30 teams).

Jeff Sullivan highlights the changes that Chase Anderson has made to spur his turnaround.

The Vatican’s third-highest ranking member is facing historical sexual assault charges in Australia.

Sony is going to start pressing records on vinyl again.

Michelle Rodriguez demands more for the female characters in the Fast & Furious movies.

The skuxx life is coming to Deadpool 2.

The song of the day is “Guilty Party” by The National: