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Royals Review Radio - Episode 27: Draft Recap


One could argue that life, in and of itself, is a crapshoot. You have no control over when or where you are born, nor any control of the circumstances you are born into. We are all created the same way, yet our lives all end up infinitely different. Much like being born, the draft is often (incorrectly) described as a crapshoot. In this episode, Max and Shaun discuss not the crapshoot of life, but the crapshoot of drafting, even though it isn’t a crapshoot.

Co-host: Shaun Newkirk

Guest Emeritus: Max Rieper

Topics include:

Draft recap

Royals taking Nick Pratto first

The drafts of Lonnie Goldberg.

The hazards of drafting a high school catcher.

Where the draftees may rank in the Royals system