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Game LVI: Astros at Royals

First-place Houston Astros visit Kauffman on a 10-game winning streak

Division Series - Houston Astros v Kansas City Royals - Game Five
Happier Times
Photo by Ed Zurga/Getty Images

When Kansas City last saw Houston, it was the first weekend of the season and the Royals took 2 of 3 (ed note: naturally, I went to the game they lost).

The Astros were 4-3 while the Royals were 2-4. Hm... let's see how those teams have done since then:

AL Overall Table
Tm W L W-L% GB RS RA pythW-L%
HOU 37 13 .740 -- 291 186 .694
KCR 22 27 .449 14.5 173 214 .404
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Generated 6/5/2017.

That’s less than promising.

Well, the Royals have won 2 of 3 after a good sweep of the Indians. How have the Astros done lately? And what’s that “W10” next to their name in the standings?

Oh. Right, then.

Recent history means nothing. The future! Projections!

538 gives the Royals a 41%, 41%, 35%, and 32% chance to win the games in this series. Hopefully the baseball gods get in the way. I guess this is one of the better shots they have to win a game this series.

Down with depressing digits. Let’s look to the glorious gamblers.

The books have the Royals at -125. /googles what that means/ While they’re still expected to lose, Vegas has the Royals as most likely underdog to win, so... there's that?

I’ve got it! Starting pitching? Mike Fiers is going for the Astros. He's only 2-2 with a 4.96 ERA. The Royals will be countering with their $70M man, Ian Kennedy, who is 0-5 with a 5.12...

As is their fancy, perhaps the baseball gods will get in the way of what’s expected to happen.

Here’s the game capsule:


Break Streak
Break Streak
Time 06/05/17 @ 7:15 CT
Opponent Houston Astros
Location Kauffman Stadium
Radio KCSP
Royals SP Ian Kennedy
Opponent SP Mike Fiers

And here is the lineup

A Monday win would be just swell.