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Royals Rumblings - News for June 7, 2017

I never get tired of comebacks against the Astros.

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Royals Rumblings - News for June 7, 2017

Sam Mellinger looks at the Astros’ rebuild and thinks ahead for the Royals.

He hasn’t changed much from that first conversation, when he was so defiant about the idea of losing, even in the context of the potential benefits. The tanking strategy, if that’s what it is, bothers him on a raw and personal level.

But he may not have much of a choice, and he certainly knows how a few terrible seasons could help the future.

The Royals began the season trying to please three masters: win now, build for the future, and freeze payroll. It was a fool’s errand from the jump, a plan too ambitious to succeed, but if the losing continues and tradeable players continue to perform the Royals have a chance to limit the damage.

This isn’t a decision they have to make right now, but it’s a decision they absolutely need to be considering.

The Astros are spending most of the week providing an up-close look at how it could all work.

In his Mellinger Minutes, he also ranks the biggest disappointments of the season for the Royals.

1. Alex Gordon. Remember the bit about Escobar’s historically awful OPS? Gordon is at .496, which is also sub-Pena Jr., and a mark of futility that hasn’t been achieved by a regular hitter since 1967 — before they lowered the mound. Gordon is on the biggest contract in franchise history, and if he was a rookie, the Royals would be thinking about sending him to Omaha to work on his swing and confidence. He has been, to be blunt, absolutely horrendous.

Ned Yost talks about how his offense has evolved.

"We're more of an opportunistic baserunning team now," manager Ned Yost said. "If we get a [pitcher who is] 1.5 [seconds] to the plate or see a key, we'll take chances. But we don't have a Dyson or a Gore that we've had before."

Yost, though, simply shrugs his shoulder when asked how different it is to manage this year's Royals from previous ones.

"It's just a different look," Yost said. "But my mindset is the same. Nine times out of 10 managers manage the pitching staff. But the offense manages itself.

"We don't have [that speed] now. It's changed. It doesn't mean it's worse."

Scott Alexander is close to returning to action.

"He pitched today," Royals manager Ned Yost said Tuesday. "He’s slated to go on a back-to-back (Wednesday). He threw really good today — three weak ground balls. He’ll throw again tomorrow; then he should be almost there."

Oh Ned.

Give credit to the nerds.

Clint Scoles at Baseball Prospectus Kansas City looks at some draft prospects for the Royals to take.

The mock draft has the Royals taking prep outfielder Jo Adell.

Weird Al Yankovic, Jake Tapper, and Johnny Knoxville will appear at the Big Slick Celebrity Softball game.

Raul Ibanez is selling his $4.5 million home in Washington.

Wade Davis goes on paternity leave.

Scooter Gennett becomes the 17th player to smack four dongs in a game.

How Statcast fueled the spike in home runs.

Baseball considers the two-way player.

Pitching the eighth inning is different than pitching in the ninth.

Mike Schmidt doesn’t think Spanish-speaking players can make for good leaders.

The Diamondbacks want a lot of money to stay at Chase Field.

Davidson is the Cinderella of the NCAA baseball tournament.

Is the NBA done with the "one-and-done" rule?

Detroit is ready to hand over millions in public money for the Pistons.

Amazon will slash prices for shoppers on welfare.

What happens to fad websites after the fad dies?

Futurama fans protest the show’s removal from Netflix.

Your song of the day is courtesy of cmkelller: The Band Perry with Comeback Kid.