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Royals Rumblings - News for July 10, 2017

Moose is gonna hit some dongs tonight.

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MLB: Game One-Minnesota Twins at Kansas City Royals Steven Branscombe-USA TODAY Sports

Royals Rumblings - News for July 10, 2017

Lorenzo Cain was pretty upset with home plate umpire Bill Miller’s calls in Sunday’s loss to the Dodgers.

“I just told him the ball was outside,” Cain said. “He just kind of looked at me, threw his hands up, saying he had it as a strike. I just told him: ‘I looked at the video. It was clearly a ball.’ He just kind of threw his hands up, then he threw me out.”...

“I had a few words with him,” Cain said. “I just went up to him, let him know how I felt. I just told him: ‘Why can’t you just admit you missed the call?’ He just kept saying: ‘I had it as a strike.’ I mean, whatever. What can you do about it?”

Danny Duffy thinks Clayton Kershaw is the best pitcher of all-time.

Mike Moustakas is ready for the Home Run Derby.

"It's going to be a lot of fun," Moustakas said. "You got Bellinger, you got Judge, you got Stanton, Sano. Everybody can hit some homers, so it'll be fun to watch, especially this year. It'll be cool."

Jon Heyman thinks the Royals could be a fit for pitcher Derek Holland and Jaime Garcia, but he wonders if the Royals will get anything for Lorenzo Cain if he walks.

Hosmer and Mike Moustakas, who’s having his best year at third (and leads the Final Vote), will get qualifying offers from the Royals, sources said. Lorenzo Cain is having a very nice walk year. But it’s questionable whether the small-market Royals would give Cain a qualifying offer that’s expected to be worth close to $18 million, especially now that there aren’t No. 1 picks attached to them. Tough call.

Are the Royals really looking to add a frontline pitcher like Jose Quintana?

With scouts from the Yankees, Cardinals, Orioles, Royals, Angels and Blue Jays among the group in attendance, Quintana yielded three runs on five hits. Two of those runs came via Nolan Arenado's first-inning home run, with Quintana retiring 14 of the next 16.

Royals shortstop prospect Nicky Lopez is mentioned in Fangraphs’ Fringe Five Prospects.

After recording the lowest strikeout rate among qualified batters in the Carolina League, Lopez has begun his Texas League career in much the same fashion, posting a 9.4% mark that would rank second among all of that league’s qualifiers.

While major-league shortstops tend not to have attended college as amateurs, Lopez might represent an exception to that half-law. His defense was reviewed favorably by Eric Longenhagen this offseason, and the defensive numbersindicate above-average run prevention at shortstop.

Greg Holland talks about coming back after Tommy John surgery.

Dayton Moore called me into his office at the end of the 2015 season and told me, "We're going to have to non-tender you, but you can stay here as long as you need in the off-season." I felt like that was something I wanted to do because it was the only training staff I had known in professional baseball.

Nick Kenney, Jeff Blum, Kyle Turner [from the Royals training staff] helped me after the surgery until the middle of January, which I thought was key because they knew what problems I had in the past. They knew where my arm was and they knew me as a person, so I feel like that gave me an edge as far as the communication. They knew me, and they knew what to anticipate in the comeback.

Royals pitching prospect Foster Griffin retired both hitters he faced in the Futures Game.

Nate Karns has one of the best putaway pitches in baseball.

Maybe the Royals lost due to the granny who flashed the goods on the Dodger Stadium scoreboard (mildly NSFW).

Former Royals pitcher Brandon Finnegan injures himself jumping off a boat.

The Cubs have considered trading a young position player to jump-start the team.

Bloodlines may give Vladimir Guerrero, Jr. an advantage.

Jorge Mas may be the frontrunner in the bid to buy the Marlins.

Climate change is coming sooner than you think.

Enamel pins are back as a fashion statement.

Should superhero movies be light or dark?

Your song of the day is Wayne Cochran with Going Back to Miami.