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Danny Duffy visits the “Workaholics” house

Let’s get weird.

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Danny Duffy re-joining social media has been manna from heaven for Royals fans (and especially bloggers). Duffy has been highly engaged with fans, revealing to them more about his easy-going personality. He’s a big goofball on Twitter, particularly this past week when he was lobbying for fans to vote for teammate Mike Moustakas for the All-Star Game.

The meme comes from the Comedy Central sitcom Workaholics, and that is no accident. It is pretty clear Duffy is a big fan of the show, which is about three young, hapless southern California guys working a dead-end job at a telemarketing company. Duffy's love for the show was perhaps most evident in 2014, when the Royals clinched a playoff spot. The bear suit originated as a gag on Workaholics, when Blake spent all as his money on the suit, a suit that ended up in the hands of former Double Dare host Marc Summers.

Duffy brought it out again in 2015 when the team clinched, explaining to Joel Goldberg that he was wearing a bear suit.

So it must have been a real treat for Duffy this week when visiting Los Angeles to play the Dodgers, he got to visit the actual house where the show was filmed , the house where the four creators of the show lived.

Danny Duffy is livin' the dream, man. Fur sure.