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Game XCI Open Thread - The Tigers of Detroit versus the Royals of Kansas City

All-Star versus former [emphasis on the ‘former’] All-Star

88th MLB All-Star Game Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

In what looks on paper to be the most clearly advantageous matchup of the series for the Royals, Jason Vargas—a man shockingly in the conversation for the American League Cy Young Award thanks mostly to an ERA screaming for regression to the mean—faces off against Jordan Zimmermann. This is not the Jordan Zimmermann of yore.

Zimmermann has enjoyed pretty much the opposite of Vargas’s season. Virtually everything that can have gone wrong for the 110-Million-Dollar Man has gone wrong. Whether judging by any DIPS metric (FIP, xFIP, SIERA, or DRA) or ERA, he’s been a 5.00+ pitcher. His dongs are up. His K% is down more than 3.0% from career norms. His BB% is up more than 2.0% from career norms.

This Royals lineup will hope to come out of their funk with Zimmermann on the rubber.

These will be the Tigers they face.