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Royals Rumblings - News for July 20, 2017

Detroit Tigers v Kansas City Royals Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images

Today’s Rumblings were compiled while watching The Eric Andre Show and drinking. Let’s hope they’re normal.

Wilson Alexander reports that Brandon Moss was glad to be talking about something other than his struggles:

So when the media huddled around Moss after the Royals' 4-3 win over the Tigers on Wednesday night, a game in which he scored the winning run and went 3-for-4, Moss basked in the limelight.

"This is really nice to talk to you guys about other things than [stinking]," Moss said. "I'm going to soak this in."

After the Royals fell in an early 1-0 hole, Moss tied the game on a home run, his second since May 26. When he hit a single in his next at-bat, he held two of the Royals' three hits at the time. However, Moss' most important at-bat of the game came in the ninth inning with the Royals trailing 3-2.

At Kings of Kauffman, Colby Wilson wonders whether the Royals can actually contend or not.

Jeffrey Flanagan details how consistency has been the key to Jorge Bonifacio’s success this season:

"They try and figure out other pitches or how to pitch me," he said, "but at the same time, I figure out how they pitch me. I try to make an adjustment."

Overall, Bonifacio has held his own, hitting .250 with a .434 slugging percentage. He has 11 home runs and 28 RBIs.

"I'm trying not to chase their pitches and [instead] trying to get my pitch to hit," he said. "That's the biggest point for me. Hopefully I'll keep hitting like that.

Kelvin Herrera left the game last night after showing signs of not being over his illness that had him running a temperature of 102 the day prior.

Clint Scoles checks in on the farm.

Rex Hudler does not know what Game of Thrones is.

Kyle Zimmer’s brother can do cool stuff.

Some of Jimmy Nelson’s success this year probably owes to his background in kinesiology.

If you’re going to bilk old ladies out of their money, make sure to remove your Sprite bottle from the scene of the crime.

Don’t drink Sprite or Fanta while taking vitamin C, at least not in Nigeria. It’s poisonous per the courts.

Poltergeist? Sounds like Steven Spielberg really directed it.

Senator John McCain was diagnosed with brain cancer and had a glioblastoma removed at the Mayo Clinic.

David Benioff and D.B. Weiss have announced their post-GoT project, Confederate.

The song of the day is actually songs. Chance the Rapper stopped in for a Tiny Desk Concert at NPR. Enjoy.

And because this is light on links, “Century” by Feist: