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Royals Rumblings - News for July 24, 2017

The Royals are rumbling, stumbling, and bumbling forward.

Chicago White Sox v Kansas City Royals
Salvy splashes are the best way to beat the heat
Photo by Brian Davidson/Getty Images

Even before seeing yesterday’s start, David Lesky at BPKC thinks the Royals need to replace Travis Wood in the rotation.

The Royals absolutely need another starter. Contending teams can’t have Travis Wood pitching every fifth day, that’s for certain. But I think if they can find the right fit, the rotation has a chance to look really good.

Chris Cwik at Big League Stew doesn’t think the return is worth selling for the Royals.

As the J.D. Martinez trade showed, the market for players on expiring contracts might not be all that strong. The general consensus is that the Detroit Tigers sold way too low on Martinez. It’s possible the team could have held out and demanded more, but this also may have been the best offer on the table. The Royals could trade away their guys for younger players, but picking up elite prospects may not be an option.

Bill Ballew wrote a little bit on about Royals’ prospect Khalil Lee.

At first glance, Khalil Lee doesn't appear to be the most imposing player on the field.

However, watch the Royals No. 12 prospect turn on a fastball with his lightning-quick bat speed or make a throw on the fly from the outfield to home plate and it becomes apparent that his 5-foot-10, 170-pound frame generates impressive explosiveness -- and that's generated some solid numbers.

When Hunter Strickland threw at Bryce Harper earlier this year I’m sure it never occurred to him that he might be ending a teammate’s career.

According to Giants manager Bruce Bochy, veteran Michael Morse is still feeling symptoms from a concussion he sustained while colliding with teammate Jeff Samardzija amid the fray. Morse was diagnosed and placed on the concussion disabled list the following day, and nearly two months later is no closer to being cleared for a return.

Pablo Sandoval signed a minor league deal with his old team, the San Francisco Giants, despite being repeatedly linked to the Royals. But first he had to apologize.

The Tampa Bay Rays traded cash or a PTBNL for Sergio Romo after the Dodgers DFA’d him.

Across the parking lot Tamba Hali had some harsh words for both the Chiefs’ coaching staff and his teammates.

A shark scientist said the race between Michael Phelps and a great white shark will not be particularly close.

Michael Rooker and James Gunn created some false rumors to prevent plots details about Guardians of the Galaxy 2 from leaking

Justin Bieber is apparently banned from performing anywhere in China, due to past bad behavior.

Donald Trump wants to know whether it’s possible for the president to pardon himself.

It’s San Diego Comic Con time and that means brand new trailers for some highly anticipated films!

First up is Justice League which will try to build on the success of Wonder Woman.

Ready Player One based on the fun Ernest Cline Novel and directed by Steven Spielberg debuted it’s first trailer.

Thor: Ragnarok debuted another trailer doubling down on the 80’s theme of the logo font with some excellent synthesizer music.

Stranger Things got a trailer for it’s second season. It’s Thrilling.

Lord of the Rings: Shadow War had a new trailer appear but took a bit of creative license with their portrayal of Shelob the Great Spider.

Finally, the new Star Trek series finally got a trailer. It’s too bad CBS is restricting it to their terrible streaming service.

sterlingice likes to give you video game music when he does the Rumblings and I’m a pretty avid gamer, myself. Since he fills your ears with the classics your song of the day is the best track off of possibly the best game released this year: Rivers in the Desert from Persona 5 by Lyn