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The Dayton Moore Approval Poll: 2017 July Trade Deadline Edition

How quickly things change.

New York Mets v Kansas City Royals Photo by Ed Zurga/Getty Images

Baseball is a funny game. It was just a week ago that people were calling for Dayton Moore to be fired. His off-season moves were looking terrible, the team had battled back to near .500 but still had a losing record, and it looked like he was turning a blind eye to the future by not selling off his impending free agents to the highest bidder.

Since then, the team has won eight in a row, has taken the second Wild Card spot, and sits just 1.5 games out of first place in the Central Division. Rather than be sellers, the Royals have been buyers, with Dayton Moore engineering a well-received six-player trade with the Padres that netted the Royals three useful pitchers - Trevor Cahill, Ryan Buchter, and Brandon Maurer.

And the Royals may not be done. There are rumors they are still looking to add a pitcher, and Francisco Liriano, Marco Estrada, and Jaime Garcia may be on their radar. There are some whispers they may even be kicking the tires for a big trade for a pitcher like Sonny Gray or Yu Darvish. It is clear now, that despite calls for them to sell all summer, the Royals will be all-in to win another championship.

But this is still a team with holes. The moves from the past two winters still look quite bad. Alex Gordon is still not hitting. Brandon Moss is better, but is barely over the Mendoza Line. Jorge Soler is still in Omaha. The Royals are paying Travis Wood $8 million not to pitch for them. There is precious little depth on the roster.

And then there is the future. The farm system is still very lowly regarded. Prospects you might have thought could take a step forward have taken a step back. There are mixed feelings on their 2017 first-round pick Nick Pratto. Unless the Royals can re-sign their free agents, the 2018 roster looks a bit bleak.

There were mixed feelings on Dayton Moore back in June when the team was well under .500. Dayton Moore has won two pennants and a championship and has fierce belief in this team seems to be paying off again as the team has come back from the dead. Do you still believe in him as the GM? Will he make the right moves at the July trade deadline? Can he continue this team’s success for the future?


Do you approve of the job Dayton Moore is doing?

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    Somewhat approve
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  • 4%
    Somewhat disapprove
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