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Friday Night Thread: Royals go for 9 straight in Fenway

A house of horrors for the Royals. Is this the year they bust it down?

David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

The Royals have won eight in a row, and they're seemingly catching all of the breaks. David Price is headed to the DL, so he will not start tonight against Kansas City. Instead, the Royals will draw Rick Porcello, who won the Cy Young last year but has been terrible this season.

Kansas City will counter with Jason Vargas, who is still second in the AL with 12 wins despite not having collected one in the month of July. His ERA has risen a full run throughout this month, but eventually, he's due for a good start. Maybe tonight will be that night.

Fenway Park has been a house of horrors for the Royals. They did win two out of three there last year, but that was their first series win in Boston in several years. Even the teams that won back-to-back pennants went like, 4-10 against two Red Sox teams that didn't make the playoffs.

I went to Boston last year and love Fenway. It's an incredible stadium. I have absolutely zero bad things to say about it. I'm jealous of any Royals fans on the destinations package trip this weekend. You're in for a treat.

Also: I work until 10:30 tonight, so the recap will be late. That just gives me extra time to think of a "nine straight" pun.